Ticket Information:

Your ticket includes ALL workshops, organic meals, camping, and full use of the venue.  All you need to bring is your camping gear and something to eat on, we'll take care of the rest.  Sign up early to get the best deal.  

  1. All tickets allow you access from 3PM on Thursday until 5PM on Sunday.
  2. The optional "Thursday Intensive" is a unique opportunity to study with expert teachers in a small group setting.  They run from 3:30 to 6:30 pm and cost $40 extra.  If you register for an intensive you can arrive at 1PM instead of 3 PM.
  3. This year you also have the choice to arrive TWO days early.  "Early Arrival" allows entry beginning at 1PM on Tuesday August 3rd.  "Early Arrival" costs $210 extra and includes meals and workshops.  Kids are $100 extra.  If you do "Early Arrival" the Thursday Intensive is included with your ticket.

All tickets give you the same access.  The only difference is price.  If you want to support those who have less please select a price point that suits your budget.

  • $325 includes all meals, workshops and camping from August 5th to 8th.

  • $375 includes all meals, workshops and camping from August 5th to 8th.

  • $425 includes all meals, workshops and camping from August 5th to 8th.

  • $475 includes all meals, workshops and camping from August 5th to 8th.

  • Age 6 to 17. Kids 5 and under are free.

Early Arrival (Optional)

Would you like to spend TWO extra days at the AcroYoga Camp-Out? 

This year "Early Arrival" is possible.   Come on Tuesday afternoon and stay through Sunday 5PM.  Spend two days at camp jamming, swimming, and relaxing before the big crowd arrives. 

You can arrive on Tuesday after 2pm.   The first meal is dinner on Thursday.  Breakfast will be served on Wednesday and Thursday morning.   This will be followed by a 2-hour workshop block.  More details coming soon.  Lunch will be served at 1PM.  The afternoons are free for you to enjoy this amazing venue before the main event.  

"Early Arrival" costs an additional $210 for adults and $100 for kids.   The "Thursday Intensive" is included with your ticket.

  • I will arrive on Tuesday August 3rd after 2PM.

  • I will arrive on Thursday August 5th.

Thursday Intensive (Optional)

Choose from three different workshops before the main event begins.  They run from 3:30 to 6:30pm and cost $40 for adults and $20 for kids.

  • with Kelli Mae

    Start your festival experience with a relaxing and rejuvenating session of partner yoga and Thai massage. Explore movement, play, and connection with your new best friends in a safe and supportive environment. Learn key thai moves to thank your bases with leg love all weekend.

  • with Eric & Miyoko
    Learn the fundamentals to dance acro lifts and smooth transitions! Miyoko and Eric will share their tips for creating compelling choreography and performance oriented flows. Plus you’ll learn a fully choreographed routine to music!

    All humans are welcome and encouraged, modifications will be provided for everyone. Partner is recommended but not mandatory, come with a friend, or make a new one.

  • with Hobs & Kena.

    Come play with us as we sequence a variety of pops into an Icarian flow. Lots of bouncy fun! Specific content based on the experience level of the students.

    Pre-Reqs: Icarian straight Pops in Bird, Throne, Sideways Plank. Bird to Throne, Throne to Bird

  • With Camellia Nieh from Lookout Arts Quarry.

    Through our practice we are constantly acquiring and enhancing our vocabulary in AcroYoga and movement.

    Now the question is: How do you use that vocabulary as a language for communication and inquiry?

    This intensive will explore different elements of composition, tools for leveraging and expanding your physical expression in flexible and creative ways, and a framework for devising performance pieces......or simply for the pure enjoyment of injecting more creativity and exploration into your Acro practice.

    Prerequisites: Star Side, Star, & Foot to Hand


By participating in this event I am aware of all the risks and potential dangers.   I take full responsibility for my safety and will not hold any of the organizers or property owners liable in any way for any injuries.  I am aware that this event will only happen if state and local guidelines allow AND I will not hold anyone responsible if I get Covid-19 as a result of my participation.

By clicking this box I agree to not hold anyone liable for anything that may happen to me during an event or afterwards as a result of my participation.

Refund Policy

No refunds are available due to weather.    

Cancel before July 3rd and get a full refund minus a $35 admin fee.  

Cancel before July 18th and get a 50% refund.

Cancel after July 18th and no refunds are possible.

*** If you can find someone to take your ticket it is transferable for a $35 fee at any time. ***

By clicking this box I agree to the above refund policy.

Do you have ANY allergies?

All of the meals are vegan with dairy options on the side.   We will do our best to accommodate your needs.   If you have serious food concerns please contact us well in advance.  Thank You.

Lend a hand

This is a community event and your help is greatly appreciated.  Following each meal we will ask for volunteers to help with clean-up.  This will not interfere with any workshops.

Special Requests?

How did you find out about this event?

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The $1 registration fee can not be avoided because it's built into the online registration system and applies to all participants.

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